We provide these services to all of Southeast Michigan and Las Vegas, Nevada:

Questions to answer as you consider your services:

Why is my piano out of tune? There are plenty of reasons for this, such as playing, temperature, humidity variations and time . Additionally, over the years, the wooden structure weakens, permitting slippage of the strings as well. Maintaining as consistent an environment as possible in the room where the piano is kept always helps. However, needing to tune your piano is a normal part of maintenance and should be done ideally during the same weather season at least every 2nd or 3rd year. If the piano is played a lot, it should be tuned yearly or even every 6 months.

Has my piano been tuned in the last 3-5 years? If yes, then you will most likely need a standard tuning. If it has been longer than this, you may need to consider a pitch raise.

What is a pitch raise? If your piano has not been tuned in a long while, it will most likely have fallen far below standard musical pitch. You can either have it tuned to itself, which will sound just fine while playing alone or request a pitch raise which will bring your piano up to the standard of other instruments and recordings. It is great to play with other people, but depending on how much pitch adjustment is made, the piano will likely drift out of tune sooner than if it were tuned to itself. You will simply need to commit to a regular tuning schedule to maintain this new pitch. We may recommend 6 months from the first tuning, and then once per year after that. 

Are all of my keys working? Over time it is not uncommon to have sticking keys. There is a variety of reasons this could happen, and the solution can vary. If this is an issue, please make note of it when you place your order for service. This is usually an easy fix, but may require further services and costs. We are happy to discuss the options after seeing your piano.

Standard Tuning

  • A typical tuning will take 1.5 to 2 hours
  • $145

Pitch Raise

  • A full pitch raise and tuning can take 2 to 3 hours
  • $180


  • Includes sticking keys, small repairs, various needs. 
  • Price varies on the service.

Greg Pond Service Group also offers the following services:

  • piano moving
  • touch up and refinishing
  • pianist and teacher referrals
  • full or partial rebuilding


  • Give us a call or fill out a form through this website and we promise to be in touch with you right away!
  • Keep in mind, we typically book out at least a week or two, and often much further out during the busy seasons. If an immediate service is required, a specific event rate may apply.


More Questions? Contact Greg Pond, Registered Technician at 248-322-8820 or Kevin Briski at 586-747-4542